Find out a few important differences

If you are new to the world of metal work and welding, I’m sure you have already heard of MIG welding and TIG welding. While for most people the terms just go over their head, the difference between the two of them is something that every finds hard to explain. So here we are just going to go the few important differences between the two of them. This will help make things all the more easier to understand in the future.

Firstly, MIG welding is the easier one to learn and the best MIG welders are quite easy to use when compared to TIG welders. MIG welding can also work with wide variety of metals and of different thicknesses too, while TIG welding is generally meant for thin gauge metals only. TIF welding is more of precise and steady hand since the work is a lot more on the delicate side of things. MIG welding is something that is easy to pickup by almost anyone, and while it still does require a level of training, is fairly easy to do.

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Some good MIG welder machines that can put out low and high voltages but that is generally just for MIG welding, since the gauge of metal determines the amount of power required. It is also important to note that MIG welding can be completed much faster then TIG welding. This is down to the fact that you are using a piece of metal to weld two pieces of metal together, TIG welding is also the same but the metal you use is a lot more delicate by nature.

This is just a few, but important, differences between MIG and TIG welders. A bit of extra advice would be also to check out MIG welder reviews, they tend to have even more info on both these types of welding process.