When it comes to credit reports, everyone knows that they are of great importance. But, apart from that most of them don’t have much knowledge about Free Credit Report Annual.

Things to Know About Your Credit Report

These are few of the things that everyone should know about their credit reports.

  1. Scores And Reports Are Two Different Things: A credit report is the compilation of your credit history which includes your personal information, account details, and collections. Whereas, a credit score is a number which is calculated by the financial institutions to determine your creditworthiness.
  2. Not Everyone Has a Credit Report: A person who doesn’t have any credit cards or loans entitled to his name, may not hold a credit history.

Free Credit Report Annual

  1. Agency Score May Not Match: It is not mandatory that every agency will have the same score. Scores may differ from one agency to another.
  2. Free Credit Reports: You are entitled to a free credit report, in every 12 months. You can request your free credit report annual by calling or emailinghttp://www.freeannualreportcredit.com/
  3. Unemployed People Are Entitled To One Extra Report: In addition to your free annual credit report, you are entitled to one extra report only if you are unemployed.
  4. Credit Report Matters: Your credit reports can matter in hiring decisions. Your credit report is minutely scrutinized by your employer before he or she hires you. So any kind of dispute on your credit report can take a toll on you getting hired.
  5. Your Credit Report Shows Your Parking Ticket And Library Fines: Public records include any kind of debts to the government. And library and parking tickets fine are a matter of public records.
  6. Closing Your Account Affects Your Credit Report: Closing your account may have negative effects on your credit report as it tends to reduce your available credit which in turn increases the rate of credit utilization.

After reading this, if you are intrigued to know what’s there in your credit history, then you can order your copy of credit report right here: http://www.creditscorewatch.com/